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Difference between current date and future date > PHP Snippets & Examples
Title Views
Connect to a mysql database 715
Hello world in Php 415
Gets the ip of a visitor 621
Break a loop 373
Call a function 363
simple mysql full example 517
Switch - case statement - integer 302
Sending an email - mail function 488
Formatting Text - newlines to break - nl2br 583
Formatting Text - wordwrap 460
Array intersection - array_intersect 356
Getting the refferer site - HTTP_REFFERER 389
Binary to text 363
Boolean Keywords 355
Request Headers 344
Arrays - Values to Keys - array_flip 299
Array print formatting - print_rn 317
Image Support 411
Load Image 542
get_class_methods - returns the methods a class 315

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Title Views
Connect to a mysql database 715
Gets the ip of a visitor 621
PHP Cookies 609
Formatting Text - newlines to break - nl2br 583
Load Image 542
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