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Hello World 500
Simple Ascii table with C 427
Inputing values/data to variables in c 364
Outputting formatted strings on screen 341
Outputting Numbers in different bases (Decimal, octal, ... 337
Perfoming simple calculations using integers and floats 324
Simple calculation using float numbers and formatted ou... 336
Outputting odd numbers 312
Working with Random numbers.... 352
The simplest sorting algorithm :) 432
Morse Code converter 508
Launch an external application in windows 331
Print integer array 293
Simple linear search 320
Remove a file 367
Greatest Common Divisor function 338
Convert ip to host name 424
Allocating memory 354
Read an enviromental variable Linux / UNIX 335
Opens a file 375

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Title Views
Morse Code converter 508
Hello World 500
The simplest sorting algorithm :) 432
Simple Ascii table with C 427
Convert ip to host name 424
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